Excluding AI-generated content is ableist

Arié Moyal
3 min readFeb 17
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Since Scott Lamb, the VP of Content at Medium has asked for our opinions on AI-generated articles, I asked ChatGPT to help me express my thoughts on the matter.

As someone who is autistic and disabled in many ways, I see the opposition to AI writing tools as yet another form of gatekeeping that prevents marginalized individuals from being taken seriously and heard. For those of us who struggle with the process of writing, AI-generated content is a game changer. It provides a level of accessibility and ease that is currently unmatched by any other technology.

Disabled people are often excluded from mainstream conversations, and this is particularly true in the context of a society that prioritizes productivity and profit above all else. The financial impacts of disability can be significant, with many disabled people facing barriers to employment, inadequate social welfare, and limited access to financial resources. These challenges are compounded by the fact that the academic world, like many other institutions, places a premium on writing skills as a measure of intelligence and worth. We mustn’t allow that to be perpetuated in Medium’s AI policy.

For me, writing can be a difficult and even painful process. Dyspraxia and brain injuries, for example, can make it hard for me to put my thoughts into words, while post-concussion syndrome, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue can make it hard to focus and concentrate. It also makes it very risky for me to do as I need to save my energy for other things as well. Anxiety, hypervigilance, and complex PTSD can make it hard for me to express myself without fear of judgment and reprisal. That doesn’t make what I have been able to write any less valuable. However, I refuse to keep putting myself through such an arduous process just to satisfy the expectations of society that already makes life difficult for me just because I am disabled, neurodistinct, queer, gender non-conforming and racialised.

This is where AI-generated content can make a real difference. With AI, we can communicate our thoughts and ideas more easily and accurately, which can open up new opportunities for disabled people to be heard and understood. We can share our knowledge and experiences with others who may not have had access to them before. We can participate in…

Arié Moyal

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