I’m on the side of the “cynics” who think the military industrial complex and those who will profit from this war are the ones pulling the strings but I agree that it’s time to go around the current fight between the blue church and the red religion by building our own non partisan solutions using out of the box thinking as well as listening to people who disagree with us in order to find ways to cut off the power the current 1% derives from our labour, spending and votes. We need a resurgence in the old fashioned face to face relations as well as an increase in compassion, forgiveness and benefit of the doubt. But the real issue is that people don’t want responsibility for the workd’s problems. Especially when they barely tread water as it is, thanks to capitalism which is neither bound by geography or politics. My challenge is that I don’t really have all that many friends to build things like this with.

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions