Let’s beat loneliness one hug at a time!

The Mission:

To take on the loneliness epidemic by showing people the importance of vulnerability and compassion as well as demonstrating the huge impact of small actions that anyone can take!


Since 2009, our founder has crisscrossed Canada and the US by train offering hugs to anyone who requests one during the holiday season. This will be the 10th Annual HugTour!

Why hugs?

Study after study has shown that loneliness is causing premature deaths at similar levels to cigarettes and obesity. Not only is it a major risk factor for suicide and an important contributor to anxiety and depression but it also has significant effects on our cardiovascular health, our brain function and our immune systems to name just a few. Hugs have been shown to have a positive impact on all of the health issues that loneliness causes, be they physiological or psychological in nature. They’re also a moment of shared vulnerability which increase trust and gives people a sense of belonging. Best of all, hugs are an example of a small action anyone can take to make the world a better place!


The 10th annual HugTrain will run from November 27th to January 8th stopping in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Quebec City, Halifax, Windsor, Detroit, New York, New Orleans, San Antonio, Tucson, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia!

This itinerary is a tribute to my friend Philip, a true hearted person, that the world lost in April at the age of 22 after a long struggle with addiction. May his memory be a blessing and may he rest in peace.

How can I help?

HugTrain is a crowdfunded movement. It’s up to people who care to keep it going. We need donations in the form of:

and help with marketing/PR and logistics

Everything you contribute will be used to propel the HugTrain movement, take on the loneliness epidemic and help create a healthier, more compassionate world. Please give generously and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions