Reflection for #WorldKindnessDay

This morning I went to the ATM because I needed to deposit some cash in order to pay a credit card bill. I found all the ATMs were out due to a power failure. I was annoyed because it’s not a short walk and I get tired pretty easily since my brain injury.

On the bright side, I was able to call 911 to inform them that the traffic lights were out at a major intersection which could have been dangerous.

Anyway, back to the credit card payment. I tried to call my bank to find out if I could just wait until tomorrow since today was a banking holiday but, despite a 20 minute phone call (a lot of that with static instead of hold music) where I had to explain myself multiple times to the same rep who kept putting me on hold to ask for help, I was told the payment had to be made today. Which, I admit, led me to the conclusion that I should be MORE annoyed but there was nothing I could do so I did some grocery shopping and went home.

As I unpacked my groceries at home, I realised that I had forgotten to buy the oil I needed to make a dressing for the salad I was going to eat in the evening. Instead of going back to the store, I decided to stay home, make soup and wait out the power failure. The power company kept pushing back the estimated resolution time but around 4 PM, I headed out. I hadn’t walked half a block when I spotted a neighbour I had been trying to connect with for a few weeks and we chatted a bit and got caught up and, agreeing to meet up later, we parted ways.

I had intended to cut through the drug store but, despite having gotten their power back they were still closed (Say it with me: ANNOYING!) but the door to the floor above which houses offices and some fitness studios had been propped open because of the power failure and I discovered a new shortcut!

Finally, I headed to the bank where (Hurray!) the ATMs were back on and I seamlessly paid my credit card bill on time and avoided being charged interest so to “reward” myself, I decided to stop into a nearby chain coffee shop. As it turns out they were having a 2 for 1 special from 2 – 5 PM and today was the last day for that promotion. If it hadn’t been for the power failure, I would have missed it! I asked for both drinks and was able to give one to a panhandler who was out in the cold (I sort of wish I had asked for whipped cream and not half the sugar, for his sake!).

Then I went home and warmed up under the covers. When I was nice and warm, I remembered that I still hadn’t gotten the oil. (ANNOYING, right?) So I went back out and bought it. This time, I got to chat to one of the cashiers I’m friendly with and tell her all about the soup I made. She always asks what I’m cooking with the things I buy. She called the soup “inspiring”.

As I turned the corner to go home, I bumped into another neighbor who was going to the grocery store (I love my street) and decided to head back there to hang out with her and her 9 month old whilst she did her own grocery shopping instead of going back to sitting at home all alone. Since I was there, she decided to buy a few extra things she couldn’t have carried home or up her stairs alone with the baby strapped on. I was happy to help!

Looking back on today, I am reminded that even when life doesn’t appear to be going your way, it’s still going your way and today that also meant getting the opportunity to do good deeds in the process! It WAS World Kindness Day after all! So, in addition to being grateful for my neighbourhood, today I’m grateful for my faulty post-brain injury memory and for a power failure and for inefficient/unhelpful customer service and for all the things that prevent me from accomplishing what I want the way *I* want and instead allow me to do even more than I ever imagined. I don’t mean to brag about good deeds. In fact, I’ve left some out. The point I hope I made is that roadblocks can create opportunities and that I’m grateful for mine. I hope you can find ways to be grateful for yours. *HUGS*

tl:dr All of the things that got in my way today opened the door for even better outcomes and I wish you the same.

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions

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