Thank you so much for this response.

To answer your question, disability is there for exactly these kinds of situations. As far as I am concerned, my family and I have paid a lot into the system and give a lot to the community so there is no reason to feel bad taking the help as limited as it is. We're supposed to feel guilty. At least. that's what the powers that be want. We're supposed to be the scapegoat for the underpaid and overtaxed worker who doesn't get "paid time off" like we get. If they blame us, they won't ever blame the people who underpay them and overtax them without giving them any sort of fair value for their work and taxes. It's an opportunity for building bridges between the workers and those of us who cannot work be it temporarily or permanently since we're all in the same boat really.

As for the whole depression-bargaining cycle, I am learning how to allow myself some space between the immediate emotional impulse and the way I choose to react and in that space I seek compassion for myself and for others. This is our reality, we cannot change it and we cannot control how others react to our imperfections but we can change how we treat ourselves. That's what compassion comes down to ultimately.

I hope this helps! :)

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions

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