Thanks for your response. I think there is plenty of time to save it but that far too much energy is wasted attacking the status quo. Energy that could be used actually making the world a better place. The problem is that most people blame the powers that be and expect them to fix themselves and fix the damage they've caused. It's logical but it helps no one because those currently in power have zero incentive to make changes. For the most part, the power structures have changed VERY little since monarchs allowed elections. Not that the elections change who has more pull. And that's the whole point. All of this is a distraction. It's up to us to BE the change (if you want to stick with Gandhi) and BEing that change means building alternatives and not expending energy on the blame game. True revolution is changing the paradigm, not reinforcing it.

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions

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