The Mycelium Within (A Short Story)

Arié Moyal
3 min readJul 17, 2023
Aspergillus, hyphae with no spores, SEM
“Aspergillus, hyphae with no spores, SEM” is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Once upon a time, there was a person born from mycelium. They didn’t know it, but deep inside, they felt different. Growing up in a society where everyone seemed the same, they tried hard to fit in. But something inside them always felt a little off.

They didn’t understand why people cared so much about making money. To them, the idea of always chasing after more and more stuff didn’t make sense. They believed in helping others and working together, like how mycelium connects and supports the forest.

They saw how history had left scars on the land and the people. They felt sad about the way some groups had been treated and their stories forgotten. They knew that taking and hurting others was wrong, and it went against the mycelium’s way of nurturing and supporting life.

The idea of prioritizing the individual didn’t click with them either. They believed in working together for the greater good, just like mycelium helps the whole forest thrive. They wondered why people cared so much about themselves and not enough about each other.

They found comfort in quiet places and felt overwhelmed by loud noises and bright lights. It was as if their senses were extra sensitive. They preferred being in peaceful environments, just like mycelium prefers the calmness of the soil.



Arié Moyal

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