When you look at me, you’d have no idea that I was anything but a relatively young, financially stable, healthy male (even if some who see me in public think I am a "Islamic" terrorist but that's another story for another day). If you talked to me you might think I was intelligent but hardheaded. You might think it rude of me to be so blunt (I've been called "challenging") or not get up for a woman or child on the bus. …

I've been using Clubhouse for a couple of weeks now and I've had some high highs and some low lows with it. I love that I finally have a place where I can just show up and find people talking about all kinds of interesting topics but that doesn't mean all the topics or people are all great. All in all, however, I really love it!

Like many others, I find myself staying up very late hanging out on the app only to go right back in the very next morning. …

The real reason the US supports Israel

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We often hear that the United States is sympathetic to Israel and it’s usually assumed that it has to do with the influential Jewish lobby or because of guilt over the Holocaust or some other reason that lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of Jewish people and it’s often used, both by the right and the left, to attack Jewish people or to call any critics of Israel antisemitic which further inflames the ire of those who oppose the existence of the state. But it has nothing to do with any of…

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Change does not happen at the ballot box or at a protest or with petitions. Change can only happen if we first work on allowing ourselves and others to be imperfect and allow ourselves to need others. Without vulnerability and self-compassion, we cannot expect fundamental change to happen. Waiting on the powerful or even the masses to do the right thing instead of you is like expecting the scorpion not to sting the turtle. (Cultural appropriation alert: In the original Persian story it was a turtle, not a frog.)

Politicians will never do more than throw us a few crumbs…

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Personality disorders are most often a response to trauma. And narcissistic personality disorder is almost impossible to cure because it tends to cause the person afflicted with NPD to play mind games with therapists. It’s a really awful personality disorder. Sadly, it means that whilst their interpersonal communication skills are top-notch from a marketing/PR perspective their relationships tend to be very superficial and built on finding a supply to feed their ego with in a vain attempt to feel better about themselves. …

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Having travelled coast to coast to coast on both, with a neon Free Hugs sign no less, I have to say that Amtrak has better coach class seats on long- and short-haul trips, their short-haul routes have better food, there is more frequency and more routes, better access to major cities and the prices tend to be lower. Especially their rail passes. Also, it’s hard to beat the views and wildlife you can observe going through the Rockies, along the Pacific coast, in the Southeast AND Southwest, in the Pacific Northwest and along the Hudson River. And I’m mesmerised by…

Why a universal basic income is a band-aid but not a solution.

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As the pandemic continues, and most places still have stay-at-home orders in place, many people have been calling for a Universal Basic Income. Presidential candidates, party leaders, activists and liberals have all demanded a universal basic income for the people. Some have touted it as the logical solution to make things equal and accessible and many love the idea of being able to count on basic necessities being taken care of and some even go as far as to suggest that a universal basic income will solve hunger…

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A friend (Patti Digh) asked her Facebook friends (public post) what kind of society we should build as a result of what we are learning from this pandemic.

This was my response:

For any revolution to be successful we must first start to allow ourselves to be less than perfect and not expect someone else to set the table.

Utopias do not fail because they are utopian. They fail because we expect the utopia to do the work we need to do ourselves. First, self-compassion. Then vulnerability. Accepting that we are designed to need others. Needing help is a feature…

The significance of celebrating Passover during this pandemic

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I usually love Passover because, despite all of its moving parts and fastidiousness about deep cleaning and minding what we eat, it is a time that I like to call “ego detox”. Consider the difference between matzah and bread. Aside from the leavening agent which fills it with pockets of air, the recipe for both is pretty much the same. However, on Passover, we only eat matzah and are very strict about eliminating bread or things that rise (chametz) or can be confused for flour. In fact, one of the Four Questions…

Arié Moyal

Founder of HugTrain, a movement (literally!!) focused on empowerment through small actions

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